Punakha After a Rainfall

For a photographer, Bhutan in lovely during the monsoon. The rain always leaves behind a vista of low hanging clouds, creating a great sense of drama over our narrow valleys. The unfolding mountains, one after the other, always takes ┬áme back to the … [Read more]

Tsa Tsa

Tsa Tsas are a common sight in Bhutan especially if you are wandering around in the mountains. About 3 inches tall, and in the form of a cylindrical cone, Tsa Tsas are found in caves, or underneath rocks, and in those places sheltered from the … [Read more]

Romancing in Punakha

Unlike the West we don't have movies to go on dates. Nor do we have endless malls to hold hands and meander around. But we have the mountains to express our love. And those river beds too. I wish I was the guy who drew this on the banks of the Pho … [Read more]

Thimphu Tashichhodzong

Almost every other evening I ride my bike from Thimphu to Dechencholing and back. On the bike ride back from Dechencholing, this is the view of the Thimphu Dzong - always a treat after the saddle sores. Thimphu Tashichhodzong is the grandest of … [Read more]

Forest Fire in Thimphu

Thimphu had a strange feeling yesterday. Smoke from the forest fire in Namseling had blown north and cast an eerie feeling, almost foreboding. Bhutan looses hundreds of acres of forest to forest fire, especially in the winter when its dry and … [Read more]